Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 77

Day 77  01/11/12 
It is Wednesday night and my time with the Camacho family is coming to an end.  I hit the road tomorrow.  The following is a brief recap of the last week or so.  Got all the little projects done at my adopted ranch.  Went to a little Church of Christ in Nugent last Sunday.  Nugent is so small that has zero businesses.  My host family was not feeling well, so went by myself.  Did not know what to expect at this little church, but it could not have turned out better.  They had a real good Sunday school class and a I enjoyed the message by pastor Paul.  These people really welcomed me and ended up going to lunch at the Bill and Joyce Cason home.  Had a great Texas lunch with Bill and Joyce, their daughter Jeanne and her son Daniel.  Great family and  we had a good afternoon together.  Because of them I met Ricky Russ.  Ricky is the station manager for, which is a Christian country internet radio station.  He ended up interviewing me and it turned out very good.  He will let me know when it airs. Ricky was very kind and generious to me and I really appreciate him and his ministry. Check out his station and his web site,  Him and his band travel all over the country doing concerts. His station covers all of America, Europe, and Australia.  Very excited about how that turns out.  He gave me a copy of the interview and suggested I put it on my web page, if I can only figure out how to do that???

 I have really grown attached to this very loving and caring family.  They have done many thinks for me, but the most important is that they made me feel at home and they made me feel like family.  I will always cherish this time with them.  The first picture is Afton and her mom Evelyn with Noah at new years eve party at Cowboy Church in Abilene. Second is of Noah and my little home.  Third is of Guyla and I don't think she was happy I took this, and then Noah again, AKA Shooter, Bubba, Squirt.

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  1. Hello uncle Dave!! We are missing u here at the ranch.. shooter says hello.. really like all the pictures u posted up.. the one of guyla, Haha priceless:) hope u are doin ok.. u are in our prayers everyday.. we wish u all the luck, and stay safe.. GOD BLESS! Luv evelyn, guyla, Afton and shooter squirt:)


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