Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 95

Tuesday  01/31/12  Day 95  zero miles
I have decided to stay in Meridain for the day and head out tomorrow.  Jeanne, a good friend in the Anson/Ablilene area has looked at what I have written on book 2 and she sent me some excellent ideas to make it more interesting, so I am going to work on it and enjoy this neat little town.  I walk to the Meridian Tribune for an appointment with Simone (see mone).  This is one of the huge perks of leading the life I have chosen.... meeting real cool and interesting people and Simone is one of them.  She interviews me, which was great because she was really interested in what we are doing.  Then I got to interview her.  Book 2 will have a lot more about Simone, but hear are few things about her.... born in Nigeria, moved to home land of The Netherlands at 12, boy she met in Nigeria finds her 30 years later, he is a school teacher/coach in Meridian, Texas, they marry and she moves to America 1 1/2 years ago.  Speaks Dutch, French, German, Italian, and English and oh ya, she drives a 72 VW bug.  I probably won't meet any other people in Meridian, but that is OK, because I got to meet Simone.
First picture is of Meridian court house and second is of Simone.  She came out to take pictures of my tent and cart.  Notice the bug in the back ground.

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