Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Days 87, 88, 89

Days 87, 88, 89 Mon., Tues., Wed. 01/23,24,25/12  zero miles
It is Wednesday and I am still in Dublin.  Malinda and her son Sam have been amazing hosts.  I was able to do a little nail pounding the last two days to make me feel better about hanging out here for so long.  Main reason besides the weather being pretty crazy is that David, Malinda's husband, is trying to line up some engagements in Ft. Worth.  He has contacted several people and is waiting to hear back from them.  If that comes to pass I will head for Ft. Worth, and if not I will continue on toward Waco.  Hope you all are doing well.
First pic is of flooding trying to wash out their driveway.  Second is of my first ride in Dublin.  Second time in a police rig in one week. The police are turning out to be very good allies. Third is Malinda and Sam, two great people.

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