Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Days 120, 121

Saturday, Sunday  02/25, 26/12  Days 120, 121  58 miles 3,737
Sat. had my thumb out all day in town as I was advised not to get caught out side of town when it started getting dark. Only think I got was a sun burn and a motel room with a lot of issues.
Sunday morning head north hoping to find a church I was told about.  Came across Second Presbyterian Church and it was one of those I sure glad I did churches.  Real good Sunday school class and sermon.  The men all had suit and ties and they still welcomed me with kindness and interest. Also got a generous donation from Ken for the kids.  Got an invitation from Sonny and Patsy Peaster and had a scrumptious lunch with them and their attorney son, Rich. (Ham, grits, scrambled eggs, and biscuits:)  Really enjoyed these people.  Sonny is 75 years old and a retired farmer who still spends a lot time at the farm.  He gives me a ride 56 miles to Greenwood to insure I don't end up in an undesirable location.  This is one kind and wise man who I would try to hang out with if I ever had the chance. Walk and try to get ride until about 5 when I find a decent place to roll my bed roll out.  Very nice Sunday.  First picture is of Sonny and Patsy.  Second is from my bed roll just before the lights went out.

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  1. We enjoy keeping up with you! I read your interesting posts to John David. May God continue to keep you safe and well - and place wonderful people in your path.
    Glenda and J.D.


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