Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 100

Sunday  02/05/12  Day 100   7 miles  3,111 total
What a great day of milestones and firsts.  It is hard for me to believe I have been out here for 100 days.  It has truly been amazing how God has taken care of me and let me meet some truly fascinating people. 
Firsts that happened today:  1. Went to a Methodist church.  2. Went to a church with a woman pastor.  3. Had a pastor not only introduce me to congregation, but had me tell them what I am doing.  4. Had a pastor send me an encouraging email after visiting their church.  5.  Have a pastor's husband go on the web site and donate to the ministry.  6. Have a Texas angel (Raydean) not only ask her daughter to give me a ride to McGregor, but insist on getting me a hotel room. (got to watch superbowl).7.  Have two women fight over who buys me lunch.(one is 79 and the other 90, 90 won),  I could go on and on about these people and their kindness to me and will in book 2.  Thank you, United Methodist Church of Crawford, Texas.  First pic. George stopped by to say hi.  Second picture is a few of the people I got to meet at church this morning.  l to r  Margie, Cindy, Jeff, Pastor Rebecca, Kathren (bought me lunch), Raybern, my angel, and Bryan, my friend and our waiter.


  1. So glad you got to meet up with George W. - what an awesome day!!! One of my fav's! Continue to be blessed!

  2. We enjoyed having you at the hotel! Hope you have a safe trip!! Wishing and praying for the best.
    Front desk girl, Rachael.

  3. Sounds like a great day. Lots of fun and doing exactly what God assigned.


  4. I'm so pleased you were able to meet my parents, pastor Rebecca and Dr. Jeff. I'm sure they feel the blessing is on them but I'm so proud to be their daughter when other people can see them for what they truly are- compassionate people who honestly put the Lord first. I wish you the best throughout your spiritual and physical journey. More importantly I thank you for the courage you have to stand up and give strength to others seeking a higher purpose whom might have otherwise idly enjoyed 'retirement.'


  5. Hi Dave, just wanted you to know you (story and picture) were front page news on the Meridian Tribune this week! ;0) I will send you the story over email; I hope I did you and your mission justice. Am following your journey through your blog...and I wish you all the best and many fun encounters on your exceptional journey. Keep safe.

  6. Dave,
    I recieved the shipment of books last night and I have just sold one at work this morning. I hope I can be a tool for you to reach as many people as possible. I have to admit that I am slightly jealous that you are with people other than Malinda and I. I miss you and even as it sounds crazy to miss someone you just met ~ I do. I feel like I need more time with you, I hope to see you soon. Thanks to your sweet son for the nice letter he wrote me in your book. Call me soon because I am starting to worry about you, today is Wednesday and I can't reach you by phone. Jennifer


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