Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 108

Monday 02/13/12  Day 108  40 miles 3,432 total
Pastor Steve dropped me off at the Natchitoches Times and Andrew did a real nice interview.  Walk through town and get on the out skirts (about three miles from paper) and it is raining pretty hard when Robert takes pity on me.  Robert is a college student who said he couldn't stand seeing anyone out in this weather.  Robert ends up taking me all the way to Winfield, which ends up being about 50 miles out of his way.  He drops me off at Jesus Is The Way RV Park which is about two miles out of Winfield.  I know this is the place for me and Robert takes off.  I ring the buzzer and the lady tells me no go on a tent.  Rest rooms are down and tent area is under water.  It is really raining hard as I walk back into Winfield.  By the time I get there I am one soaked stray dog.  Come to a motel and break down and get the first motel room in over two months.  I needed it and thanked God it was there.  Two more pictures of down town Natchitoches as I am running into difficulties in downloading pics. from cell phone.  Natchitoches is the oldest town in the Louisiana Purchase.  17--?/

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  1. You made the paper!


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