Thursday, March 1, 2012

Days 122, 123

Monday & Tuesday 02/27, 28/12  Days 122, 123  125 miles 3,853 total
Mon.  Walked for several miles before Billy, a businessman picked me up and took me to Winona.  Wants me to go to work for him:)  An hour later Randy and his wife Aileen squeezed me into their car and give me a ride to Eupora.  What a neat couple, they bought me lunch/dinner and found me a great place to camp under a bridge. They were excited about the journey and were fun to be around.
Tuesday:  Under the bridge was nice and dry, but the rumble that trucks made when then went across sounded like an earthquake.  Randy brought me breakfast just as I was getting ready to hit the road.  Nice young man.  After a while I catch a ride with Dolly and Jerome to hwy 45 which will take me north.  Nice couple on their way to Columbus, Ms.  Just as the rain was starting to really come down, Shane gives me my second ride in a big rig to Tupelo, Ms.  Elvis's birth place, where I hold up for the night.  Hope to make it to Tenn. tomorrow.

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