Friday, February 24, 2012

Days 117, 118, 119

Wed., Thurs., Fri.  02/22,23,24/12  Days 117, 118, 119  103 miles 3,680 total
Wed. I had camp grounds all to my self and decided to stay an extra day.  Wrote until my lap top battery gave out.  Thursday:  Try to get a ride for about three hours when a park services officer stops to to tell me I can't hitchhike on the Trace Parkway.  On Tues. I had talked to two rangers and told them what I was doing and they said nothing about no hitchhiking.  Officer Scott was just doing his job, but it caused me a real problem.  I have close to 400 miles left on my jaunt up the Trace and now I can't hitchhike.  He takes me to the next exit.  I know he felt bad, he gave me his last $5 for the kids and assures me he is going to buy my book off this web site.  Hwy. 27 turns out to be a nightmare.  No shoulder to walk on and I try till almost dark to get a ride.  Give up and roll out bed roll by old church / cemetery.  It was kind of funny as someone a few days earlier told me if I wanted a place to camp where no one would bother me, camp by a cemetery.  Friday, after a few hours, John picks me up and takes me to Vicksburg.  He drives me around trying to find a affordable place to stay to no avail.  He stops at a store and I get some supplies and he drops me off at the north end of town.  John is a retired truck driver and he slips $20 in pocket for the kids.  Walk a few miles out of town before Monty a very nice ag. guy from La. gives me a ride to Yahoo City, Ms. I am beat, dirty, batteries dead, and decide to take advantage of a gift from my good friend and former boss, Pat Dolan, and get a room and write this blog.  First and second picture are outside and inside of a Methidist Church build at Rocky Springs in 1837.  Third is of a grave marker for a Mr. Harding... 1780 / 1865.

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