Friday, February 24, 2012

Days 115, 116

Monday, Tuesday  2/19, 20/12  Days 115, 116  60 Miles  3,577 total
Monday I hung out in Vidalia waiting for Natchez paper to call, they never did.  Tuesday head for the Natchez Trace.  Before I even get to the bridge that crosses the Mississippi Austin offers me a ride and ends up taking me 14 miles up the Trace and showing me a lot of very interesting historical sites along the way.  Walk for a few miles up the Trace to a rest stop.  Was trying to get a ride when a lady who had parked her van at the rest stop while she road her bike 47 miles, came up to me to see what I was up to.  Janice is a 71 year old lady from New Orleans and she ended up taking me all the way to Rocky Springs which ended up being close to 80 miles out of her way.  Totally amazing.  There is so much to tell about Austin and Janice, hope you get book 2 to read about them.  Camp at Rocky Springs for the night where I met Brenda, a retired school teacher, and Susan a retired judge, who had stopped to camp on their way to Texas.  If you are like me and do not know what the Natchez Trace is: It is a 444 mile parkway that runs from Natchez, Ms. to Nashville.  It was a trail used by people who floated their goods down the Mississippi and then walked or road horses back to their homes in the north.  Very heavily used from 1785 to 1820 when the paddle wheelers changed everything.  First pic is of Austin at a very famous slave trading site and second is of the amazing Janice from New Orleans.

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