Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 101

Monday 02/06/12  Day 101  24 miles   3,135  Total
Had a very comfortable night last night.  Thank you, Raydean.  Walked abou three miles out of McGregor, beofre Jim and Carol gave me a ride to Eddy.  Very pleasant couple.  Walked for a few miles when a big dog decided he wanted a piece of me.  Thanks to a good friend that talked me into taking trekking poles, the pouch didn't get close.  About a mile after fido I came upon a clear plastic bag that had some groceries in it and a note that said, "God Bless You".  How cool is that?  Walked until dark and boths knees were griping so I rolled my bed roll out behind some bushes by a field.  I was low on food, so the care package was dinner.  Thank you, Lord.  Watch the moon behind white clouds and listen to the coyotes.  First pic. is a mural of the McGregor high school mascot.  Second is of two nice people who gave me a ride. Jim and Carol from Eddy, Texas

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  1. Dave~
    Wow ~ it amazes me how God is providing for you and all based on your faith. You are a true testament to what a Mighty God we serve. I do believe that you are a blessing to me and that in many ways you have blessed me more than I could ever have done for you. I love to see your relationship with God and watch him take care of you on this journey he has sent you on. Lord continue to amaze me.. and keep Dave safe.


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