Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 112

Friday  02/17/12  Day 112  35 miles  3,517 total
I was packing up when two men pull up to check out the river for fishing this weekend.  We end up talking and they end up offering me a ride to Ferriday, where I have an appt. for interview.  JJ and Shawn are working on a construction project only one block from the newspaper.  Wow!!!  After the interview I stop for something to eat and had my first ever sweet potato casserole.  It was OK.  Walk to the outskirts of town and the road really narrows so try getting a ride.  After about 30 minutes two teenage girls give me a ride right to the front door of the rv park I am staying at in Vidalia, La.  Another Wow!!!  Get a much welcomed hot shower and wash my clothes and go for a long walk on the Mississippi River.  I can't believe how big the barges are here.  The Red Neck TV Show is hosting a benefit for disabled kids and wounded vets at this park, so I hang out there for the evening.  Had my first ever gumbo and I loved it.  Two girls are Jasmine and Damisha, very nice girls who gave me a ride.  Bridge from Vidalia, La. to Natchez, Ms.

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