Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 96

Wednesday  02/01/12  Day 96  32 miles  3,104 total
Pack up and head out of Meridian.  It is about a mile from my camp to the main highway.  Before I get there two United Pentecostal Preachers who are also brothers offer me a ride to Valley Mills.  Two really nice fellas and I made the mistake of not writing their names down.  They not only give me a ride, they give me a nice donation for the kids.  I have lunch at the Cowgirl Cafe in Valley Mills.  If my contacts don't call soon I will head south toward Crawford to avoid having to go through Waco. After a few hours I haven't received any calls so start walking toward Crawford.  I only walk about three miles, but it is up hill and I am beat.  With only about one hour left of day light a car pulls up behind me and it is Kathern and her daughter Bailey.  They had seen me earlier in the day and were concerned about me.  Can't fit my gear into their little car so Kathern calls her husband ask him to come and get me with his truck, which he does.  Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it really was for me.  I was running out of gas and places to camp were not there.  Roy is a very nice guy and he takes me to a RV park in Crawford. It is locked but we are able to get in and meet the chief of police at the same time.  Chief Eddie McCoy and Roy get me set up and I am very grateful to both of them.  Walk about a mile back into town to get something eat and by the time I get back to my tent I am to tired and sore to take a shower. Even though I am beat and have a head ache most of the day it has been a very good day. First picture is walking back into Crawford from RV park.  Second gives a idea of terrain of this part of Texas.  Hard to tell in the photo, but this is a small hill.  I call these type of hills, misery hills, because when you are already beat and you come to these guys and you are over weight both in body and the goofy little cart I am pulling they are tough.  Solution: Lose some of that weight.  Trivia question:  What is Crawford's claim to fame?  No cheating  by looking it up. email me if you know....

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