Sunday, February 12, 2012

Days 103 to 106

Wednesday to Saturday 02/08-11/12   32 miles 3,383 total
Had a very nice time having breakfast and coffee with pastor Larry and his wife, Kelly.  Kelly and her friend Missy take me across the border to Louisiana.  I have been in Texas for two months and although I really like the state of Texas, it has been all about some very special people that I was blessed with getting to know.  Will never forget them.  Kelly drops me off in Many, La.  I am in a bottle neck, but really luck out and Mary gives me a ride toward Leesville.  We stop to get some gas and end up picking up a couple heading that way.  Drop them off and Mary wants me to meet a 80 year old friend of hers that likes helping people.  Wasn't able to make that connection, but in the process Mary convinces me into going back to Many and heading east instead of south.  End up at Acorn Hill RV park and the owner lets me stay for free.  They have a heated laundry room and it becomes my office to write in book 2 and get what I have written sent off to Jeanne in Abilene for editing.  Mary is a very special person who has this huge heart for the homeless.  I was very lucky to meet her.  Find a church tomorrow and then keep heading east.


  1. Original poem for Dave made by: Jennifer LanninFebruary 13, 2012 at 12:41 PM

    Strange but true ~ to love a man you hardly knew.
    Off he walks in to the blue, and leaves more than just us two.
    You think of him day and night and wonder how
    it is that he follows Gods light, with not a question in sight.
    A mission from above to help those who hunger for food and love.
    ... Children, so alone with no where to call home.
    This man he walks to fufill his purpose here on earth.
    To spread Gods love to all that hurt.
    So do your part and open your heart.
    Help this man to complete his goal so all the world will know.
    Dave~ you know, God loves the little children so!

  2. We're glad you found Friendship Church of the Nazarene. We were blessed to have you in our services. May God richly bless you!
    Glenda and J.D.


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