Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 114

Sunday  02/19/12  Day 114
First and probably last time I walk across a mile long bridge, over the Mississippi, to go to church.  Half way across a policeman pulls up to see if I am OK.  Someone had called the PD to say there was a man who looked like he was going to jump off the bridge.  When I assured him that I was not a jumper he offered me a ride and ended up taking me to the historical part of Natchez.  I sure am getting a lot of rides from the police on this journey.  Walk around really enjoying this very historic little city.  Architecture is amazing.  Finally decide to go to the The First Presbyterian Church which was established over 200 years ago.  Man and wife pastors with predominately older congregation and 90% of men had on coat and ties.  Felt a little out of place.  Several people greeted me and a few talked to me.  The history of this area is amazing.  First picture is of Kendrick Lewis of the Natchez PD.  Nice young man.  Second is of St. Mary Basilica and third is inside the Presbyterian Church. Notice the little doors on the pews.


  1. Hey Dad, I think you'll find the farther you get into the south the more suits and ties your going to find in churches. That's just the way peolpe are down there. That's funny someone called the cops thinking you were going to jump off the bridge LOL, glad its not the case. Love you, stay safe! Janet

    1. Janet,
      I am an old army buddy of your dad. I have been following his travels since Christmas. I told him his compass must have broken because he was headed to sunny Fla. and ended up in Tenn. I live in Va. and can't wait to see him. George Taylor


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