Friday, February 17, 2012

Days 109 to 111

Tues., Wed., Thurs.  02/14-16/12  Days 109 to 111  50 miles 3,482 total
It is not raining and I head out from my nice dry motel.  Don't have to wait long before a man who didn't want to give me his name takes me to Jena.  As I was walking two ladies stop and give me some money.  Couple hours later a man does the same.  Then a really nice lady named Rachel and her daughter Lily, give me some more money.  I didn't have my thumb out or anything else.  These people just wanted to help me and were real happy when I told them it all goes to the kids.  Got a great ride from a man named Tony.  He took me to a Corp. of Engineers boat ramp facility, near Archie, that was perfect for me to camp.  Got hammered with a major thunder, lightning and rain storm Wed. nite.  Everything got wet.  When I got there Tues. I text my pastor to let him know where I was at and he, tongue in cheek, text me back to watch out for snakes and alligators.  After I set up I walked to a gas station about a half mile away and when they found out where I was camping they told me to be careful, because that river is full of alligators. As must I looked for them, I never found any. Head toward Mississippi tomorrow.


  1. Hmm that must my prophetic side coming out. (Once again tongue firmly in cheek)

  2. A week before Wendy's Tea - and I don't have anyone to do the hot water with Heather. Sounds like you are a little out of range this year. We will miss you. Keep on a walkin'...


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