Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Days 150 & 151

Monday & Tuesday  03/26, 27/12  183 miles 4,651
I was going to stay an extra day in Damascus but Larry, the very nice mgr. of the hostel tells me that he didn't realize that I wasn't a hiker of the Appalachian Trail and this hostel is solely for them.  I tell him it isn't a problem and will move on. Larry has an amazing testimony.  Dennis shows up to bring me some food and check on me and when he finds out I need to move out of the hostel he tells me to pack my gear up and he is going to take me to their place.  Dennis taught school for 41 years and coached for 37.  Blanche taught for 38 years which also included being a principle for part of her career.  We go to their amazing country farm and then go to lunch with their friends, Don & Dixie.  After lunch we go back to the farm and spend the rest of the afternoon having a wonderful conversation.  Don & Dixie are cool people and I would have loved to got to know them better.  Tuesday Dennis and Blanche take me all the way to Hillsville, Tn. to get me through some pretty tough hill country.  You will have to read book 2 to find out how much I think of these very special people.  Odell gave me a 15 mile ride in the back of his pickup way out in the boonies, then I was blessed by a ride all the way to Danville by a wonderful young lady by the name of Jenifer.  She has to drop me off on the west side of Danville.  I walk about four miles to the east side and try till dark to get a ride to no avail.  Find a old shed to hide behind for the night.  Another great day.  First pic. is of a small part of Dennis & Blanche's dream farm, second is Dennis, Blanche, and Trail.  Third is Jenifer.

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