Sunday, April 1, 2012

Days 152 & 153

Wednesday & Thursday  03/28, 29/12  Days 152 & 153  307 miles  4,958 total
I get back on the streets to face the same problem as yesterday.  Can't walk forward because of the hwy. and no one wants to pick me up.  High lights for this day.  Two different policeman tell me I can't hitchhike anywhere in the state of Virginia.  I stay put as I have no were to go.  I just don't put my thumb out.  There is a bus out tomorrow and if I don't get a ride I will have to walk back into town and take my first bus ride.  About 4 a man offers me a can of beans.  At 5:30 a man named Ernie makes it all worth while by giving $100 to the kids.  Around 7 PM Matt Foster and his girl friend Shannon show up.  I had talked to Matt a few hours earlier and he told me he was going to try and do something for me and my perdiciment.  Matt and Shannon had bought me a bus ticket, they bought me dinner, and got me a room in a older hotel that was only ten minutes from the bus depot. They also donated $28 to the kids.  I was beat and down and Ernie and these two kids just simply blessed my socks off.  What a kind thing to do for someone they didn't even know.  Thursday I cheat and get on a bus.  It goes to Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham, NC and gets into Suffolk, Va about 10:20.  My friend George and his wife Patti are out of town but told me how get into their home.  David a co-worker of George and Patti picks me up at the depot and take me to the Taylor's very nice home.  I feel like a stray dog at the Ritz.  First pic. is of downtown Greensboro, NC.  Second is 70 MPH in the bus.

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