Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 149

Sunday  03/25/12  Day 149
Sometimes you pay for being to careful.  Last night I didn't set my tent up because I was in a city park. It started raining about midnight and by 4 AM I was one wet Jose.  Not much sleep this night.  I ring out as much water as possible and head out looking for a church service and a motel to dry everything out.  At 8:50 a nice man sees me walking down the street and invites me to his church's 9 o'clock service.  Damascus Presbyterian was small but the people were very nice and I enjoyed the service.  I walk on down the street and come to First Baptist Church of Damascus.  Phillip, the guy who gave me a ride the night before told me that this was a good church, so decided to go there also.  Real glad I did.  Pastor Wayne gave an excellent message on living dangerously for Jesus and I got to meet some more nice people.  The icing on the cake was getting to meet Dennis and Blanche.  They ended up taking me to a Laundromat to dry my bedroll and buy me a very nice lunch while everything is drying.  They then took me to a hostel that was only $6.00 and I have the whole place to myself.  First Baptist has a 6:30 service and pastor Wayne invites me to share about my journey for few minutes before he deliverers another really good teaching. This day started out cold and wet and ended up being a great day.  Pics. Virginia sunset and rolling hills.

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