Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 125

Thursday 03/01/12  Day 125  165 miles   4,075 total
Very big day for me. 
Had a tough night as everything got wet and then it dipped below freezing.  Broke camp and walked a few miles into Eastview.  After a couple hours, Joe gave me a short ride to a better location.  He was my first ride in Tenn.  An hour later a very nice man named Mike picked me up and was taking me to Henderson.  After he found out what I was doing and where I was going he made a few phone calls and lined up a ride for me all the way to the outskirts of Nashville. Amazing how God takes care of this getting around in strange places thing.  I am going to a place called Pleasant View because I met a lady by the name of Linda via the Internet who along with her pastor and his wife invite me to their place to get somethings done which I will write blog about later.  Linda has been a very encouraging supporter of the ministry and I have really been looking forward to meeting these people. Linda and Chrissy pick me up where my ride drops me off and we head for their home where I meet Pastor Bob and I am in total awe on how God lead me to these people.  We bonded right away and I am so excited about what lies ahead in this little Tenn. town.  I wasn't even planning to come to Tenn. First pic is of Joe and my first convertible ride. Second is of Stacey and Sam, who gave me a ride to Nashville, Casey, Stacey's twin sister, and Mike who went a long way out of his way to take care of me. Mike saved me from a lot of grief in getting to Pleasant View. Went over the 4,000 mark today.

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