Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 124

Wednesday 02/29/12  Day 124  57 miles  3,910 total
I needed to work my way back to hwy. 45 and got a ride from a young guy by the name of Tom.  Set up on a on ramp and waited for about an hour before Annette and her three kids (Sarah, Zach, & Eric) pick me up and take me up the road about 15 miles to Baldwin.  After a few hours (including a rain storm) two city policeman stopped to check me out.  After they found out what I was doing they ended up taking me all the way to the Tenn/Miss state line.  Thanks Tim and Kevin.  The law has sure been good me.  Walk for about three miles until about 5pm and find a place to camp for the night. First pic is my welcome sign to the volunteer state right after a down pour.  Second is from my camp site.  Weather sure moves fast through this country.

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