Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 148

Saturday  03/24/12  Day 148  110 miles   4,468 total
I had a interesting night last night.  The frogs, crickets, and birds joined together to be be one of the nosiest nights in the woods in recent history.  About 3AM the thunder and lighting show started followed by a real good rain.  About one hour after the sun came up I broke camp and found a good place to get a ride south.  After about an hour, Jerry picks me up.  We just started driving when my phone rings.  It is Marvin from the day before.  He is inviting me to breakfast and to stay a few days.  I thank him, but decline and tell him I am headed south with a man named Jerry.  Marvin asks me if his last names is Collins and when I find out it is,  Marvin tells me that Jerry is his brother-in-law that he hasn't seen him in a long time.  What are the chances of that happening? Jerry drops me off in Isom.  Lori, at store in Isom, gives me $20 for the kids when she finds out what I am doing.  What a neat lady.  Young couple give me ride in back of pickup to Whiteberg.  Taylor gives me ride up the hill a few miles and Sue gets me to the Va. state line.  A terrific couple by the name of Beau and Brittany give me a ride to Pound and Phillip gives me a ride all the way to Damascus.  I set up under the stars in the city park about 10 pm and thank God for getting me here and meeting all of these cool people in the process.  First pic. is of Marvin's brother-in-law, Jerry.  2nd is from Isom, Ky.   Correction from yesterdays blog.  I mis-understood Jr. and Marvin about their education.  I thought they never had the chance to go to school, they, however, made it to the 10th grade.  Sorry guys.

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  1. We are still following you through your blog. John David just finished your book and enjoyed it; I have begun reading it. Hope and pray you stay well and safe! It's just like God to place wonderful people in your path!


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