Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Days 134 to 137

Sat. 3/10 to Tues. 3/13/12  Days 134 to 137  zero miles
Sat. Bob and I and about 20 others helped a family move.  Sunday another very good day at Calvary Bible Church.  Monday had dinner with the Ross and Frederico families.  This is a amazing story of how one  family of 5 reached out to a family of 11 when they were in need.  Two wonderful families living Christian lives they way it should be done.  Tuesday I was picked up at 6:30 AM by a new friend by the name of Brian. I got to hang out all day with Brian at his saw mill.  (I love saw mills)  Then I got to have dinner with Brian and his wife Vicki and  two of their four neat kids, Cooper and Calli.  In the last few days I also got to spend some great time with Miki.  A very kind and gentle man who is helping me a lot with my web page and several other things.  Miki has a amazing testimony and the story behind him, my host family, The Ross's and Frederico's, and Brian and Vicki are going to be the end of book 2.  I will be working on trying to finish book 2 for the next week.  Have a couple speaking engagements next week and then, tentatively, heading for Kentucky the 22nd. Pic #1 is of the Ross and Frederico families. #2 is of Brian picking up a unit of white oak. #3 is Miki in his studio.  #4 is of Brian's truck driver, Teressa.  #5 is of Karen Frederico and Kely Ross, two cools moms doing some amazing things.

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