Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 147

Friday  03/23/12   Day 147  20 miles  4,358 total
I walked about two miles to an intersection outside of Hazard.  Set up to try for a ride south on 15.  After about three hours Marvin and his brother Jr. offer me a ride south about 10 miles.  They tell me I will have better chance of catching a ride down there.  On the way they invite me to their home for lunch and to see there many collections.  Why not, I am in the hill country of E. Kentucky and I want to learn as much about this part of America as possible.  Marvin and his bro. turn out to be real interesting characters. Marvin is 50 and Jr. 49 and neither one of them have ever been to school.  Marvin's wife, who he calls "The Woman," is not interested in me and disappears when I show up.  These boys show me a lot of their hobby stuff and we take off as "The Women" is going to need the truck for bingo later.  I ended up buying them lunch and they drop me off at what looks like a good camping place.  Set up tent just as it starts raining and have a pretty good night.  First picture is of Jr. and Marvin.  Second is of a symbol of one of the many things plaguing America.  Although I usually don't make note of the bad and ugly things I see, after staring at that nasty needle,  while I was trying to get a ride, I decided to say that everywhere I go people say the same thing.....  drugs abuse is out of control.

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