Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 146

Thursday 03/22/12  Day 146    261 miles  4,338 total
Back in the saddle day.  Said goodbye to Bob and Linda this morning. Chrissy drove me all the way to Scottsville, Ky.  What a great time I had in Tenn. with a great bunch of people.  I am sure looking forward to seeing them again someday.  After Chrissy (my dear little sister, who mothered me all the time) dropped me off, I just set and thought how lucky I was for God to continue to allow me to meet these amazing people.  I smiled, got up off my duff and started walking ever eastward.  A lady stopped and gave me $5.  I still look homeless with my little cart.  After about an hour I got a ride from a man named Greg.  We had a great conversation and he takes me along way past his turn off to a good place to camp.   Greg loves the Lord and it shows.  I decided not to camp and walk on.  After about an hour a dude that goes by the name of Dude gives me a ride to Glasgow. Dude is also a nice guy with a 7" long goatee.  Find a place on the on ramp to I90E that also has a place I can hide for the night if I don't get a ride.  After about three hours, Bill from the hills of Eastern Kentucky gives me a ride.  We had a nice long ride and I got to learn a lot about the very interesting culture of Eastern Kentucky coal country.  Bill takes me all the way to Hazard, Ky.  Four great rides today.  Will try to get across the line into Virginia tomorrow.  Because of the generosity of Westview Baptist Church, Brian, Bill, and the lady in Scottsville I am able to send another $300 to the kids.  I had some good pictures of Linda and Chrissy, Kentucky mountains (hills by Oregon standards) and Bill, but  lost them all.  Every since the wind smashed my phone into the asphalt on the Natchez Trace it has been temperamental.  Must be a female phone:)   Sub pic. is of a herd of elk in Oregon.


  1. My son just texted me to say a man stopped at his place of work to ask directions and that he was hitchhiking across the country to raise money for hungry children. I had him tell me your name from the card you gave him and googled you! So amazed to see how God is using you. My friend and I have gone to Kenya and continue to support several children there whom we met, and any help people can give those in need is a good thing. God bless you in your travels and if you find yourself in upstate NY look up Circle Drive Alliance Church in Sidney and ask for Maria :)

  2. HI! My son just texted me to tell me that a man stopped at his place of work to ask for directions, who was hitchhiking across the country to raise money for hungry children!
    So I had him give me the name on the card and googled it and found you! I am amazed at how God is using you! My friend and I have been to Kenya twice - she has been to Africa herself many times on mission trips both long and short term. We continue to support children there whom we met. Seems like feeding people should be an easy thing and a given, but it is not. Thank you for what you are doing. If you find yourself in upstate NY, stop by Circle Drive Alliance Church in Sidney, and ask for Maria :)

  3. Bob, was a pleasure to meet you. You are a noble man. Enjoyed our conversation albeit a short one. I have enjoyed your blog and will be keeping up with your progress. May your trip be safe and productive. God bless and Godspeed.



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