Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Days 126 to 133

Friday 3/2/12 to Friday 3/09/12  Days 126 to 133 zero miles

A tornado went right through were I would have been camped if I hadn't got such a good ride to Pleasant View.  So much has happened this week it would be a very long blog to cover it all.  The high lights:  Went to Calvary Bible Church with my wonderful host family.  Really good Sunday school class taught by Jim and also an excellent service preached by Pastor Dave.  Sunday night, Ken a 30 year retired Army Chaplin gave a great testimony/sermon with pizza fellowship afterwards.  Met a lot of very nice people today.  Wed. night a dreaded tooth ache set in.  Thurs. morning started calling around to see if I could get some affordable help.  My angel was a lady named Debra at Vine Hill Clinic in Nashville.  She was able to get me in Friday morning and Dr. Bellamy and her assistant Gloria relieved me of a old wisdom tooth that I should have parted ways with many years ago. Friday night had dinner with Chrissy's brother Kevin and his wife Chris.  God has truly blessed me with some very special people.  Thank you Lord for Linda, Chrissy and Bob.  Pis. of Dr. Bellamy and Gloria and Bob and Chrissy very mellow shepard, Keesha.

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