Monday, April 30, 2012

Days 181 - 183

Thursday, Friday, Saturday   04/26, 27, 28/12
It was great to stay at Marilyn and Bill's last night.  It was very nice of them to reach out to me.  Walked to Cuppa Joe for a wonderful breakfast of biscuits and gravy and then went to Connie's sisters office.  Deb and her brother Pat run a company that is involved in the oil industry.  I had met Deb the day before and she introduces me to Pat.  Deb had asked Pat to take the greenhorn from Oregon out to see a drilling rig and that is what we did.  Pat takes me to several places, finish with a long visit to an operating oil well drilling rig.  I was like a little kid the first time he goes to Disneyland.  They have a four man crew and these guys rock and roll.  I was impressed.  Had a great time with Pat and later  Connie helped me move my stuff into Rosalie's guest house.  I don't know how to act.  What a kind gesture.  I am going to hit book 2 hard while I am here.  Friday I worked on the book and got to play pinochle with Connie and Rosalie.  What a kick.... I haven't played pinochle in many years.  Saturday was book 2 and a little golf on TV.  First picture is of the Roughnecks that I got to watch.  These guys are amazing.  The small mountain on the right is Toby and he runs this crew. Pat and Toby taught me a lot of things about the oil industry that I had no clue about.

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