Thursday, April 19, 2012

Days 172, 173

Tuesday & Wednesday  04/17,18/12  Days 172 , 173    28 miles 7,331 total
Tuesday I got to do some more exploring, wash clothes, and get ready to leave.  Wed. started the process of getting out of Dodge, which was aided greatly by Pat.  Pat is a WWII veteran who gave me a ride to the outskirts of town.  I liked Pat.  Walked for about three miles headed west toward hwy 283 when a Ford County deputy sheriff stops to check me out.  He ends up giving me a ride to the Ford/Hodgeman county line which is a long way out in the boonies with hardly any shoulder to walk on.  As we were unloading my gear, Neil a Hodgeman county deputy pulls up and gives me a ride to Jetmore.  He even calls a friend and finds me a place to put my tent.  He also donated to the kids.  I know these guys have a job to do by keeping an eye on shady looking characters like me, but these two fellows went a long way out of their way to help me and I really appreciate them and what they do for our safety.  Set up my tent and walked about a mile into town to check it out and get something to eat.  First place I stopped at was the library were I met Jacque.  This lady turns into a real supporter and in no time lines me up with Alison who takes me to a ministerial association meeting where I talked to four pastors.  One of those pastors is Dennis and I am staying at his place the rest of the week.  This all happened before I had even had a chance to get something to eat.  There is so much more but I am trying to be brief. Jacque also lines some appointments up for the next day.
First picture is of Wyatt Earp, notice the hog leg he is carring.  Only reason for the second is because behind the camera taking the pic. is two policeman and two patrol cars out in the great expanses of Kansas.  Third is of officer Neil who is also a firefighter/EMT.  This is the type of guy I would want on my side a serious dog fight. Thank you Lord for a great day....

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  1. Dave, I became aware of you and your mission through our son, Neil. He is a jewel isn't he. I'm so happy he was able to help you in some small way during your travels. We are very proud of him and the professions he has chosen later in his career years. My husband and I are also baby boomers - the first year boomers (1946) and we find what you are doing incredible. Not everyone close to our ages could do what you are doing for a cause so close to your heart. God bless and may He be with you every step of the way. Barbara & Rick H


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