Sunday, April 1, 2012

Days 154 & 155

Friday & Saturday  03/30 & 31/12  Days 154 & 155
Friday I have a beautiful home all to my self.  Did not get much done, but sure enjoyed myself.  Saturday I took a long walk around neighborhood.  George and Patti will soon be home from a long, taxing week in Roanoke.  George and I were in the military together and I have not seen him since 1973.  We have been communicating via email for several months and I know he is still the great guy I knew along time ago.  However, I am real nervous about meeting Patti.  I have no idea what she thinks about George dragging a old stray military dog into her home.  I fretted for nothing.  Patti is a sweet heart and makes me feel right at home.  George is the same old George and God has blessed me again. First pic. is of George in front of the first boat built at the now huge Newport News ship building yards.  This 90' tug was built in 1891.  Now they build aircraft carriers.  Second is going from a bridge to a tunnel that goes under the James River.  Kind of cool.

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