Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Days 168 to 171

Friday to Monday  04/13 to 16/12  Days 168 to 171 
I got into Dodge City around 7AM and walked to Watersport Campgrounds.  Dena and Sherri were real nice to me and I set my tent up.  This place has showers, laundry and only about a mile from all the history stuff I want to see.  I do an interview with Don at the local paper, get some food and a shower and crash for the rest of the day.  Sat. walk around a bit and write and read.  Article in paper came out and he did a good job.  Sunday I went to a very old and cool Presbyterian church in down town Dodge.  Bunch of real nice people, but they are really struggling with attendance.  Met a real nice couple and they took me out to lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and I loved it.  Bob is a Dr. and his wife Clarice is a teacher for talented and gifted students, K to 4th and their son Bryce is a senior in HS.  After lunch Bob took me sightseeing to some places that I can't get to by walking.  I sure enjoyed these people.  Got my taxes done this afternoon.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  Monday went to a cool little zoo and more roaming.  This town is full of history and they have done a great job of putting it altogether for tourist.  I am not a tourist, I am a sojourner, right? First pic. is real cool sculpture, second is Bob, Clarice,  and Bryce.  Third is a very laid back tiger at the zoo. Oh I forgot to mention I have been dodging tornadoes and wind storm since I got to Dorothy and Toto land.

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