Thursday, April 26, 2012

Days 178, 179

Monday & Tuesday  04/23, 24/12  Days 178, 179    25 miles  7,356 total
I hung out a lot today with Jacque at the library.  She taught me how to get around in Pinterest.  This is a very interesting site where I will be posting pictures from the journey.  Dennis and I went to Alison and Gus's very nice home and had a wonderful supper on their deck.  Alison and Gus are very nice and interesting people and I was glad I got to hang with them a few times.  Tuesday I get ready to move on and Scott picks me up at Pastor Dennis's home and takes me to Ness City as the road is not to good for walking.  Said goodbye to Dennis and Jacque today.  These two people sure did a lot for me in the last few days.  I hope I can keep in touch with them.  When we get to Ness City we meet Clyde at his RV Park and he gives me a very good deal on a place to put up my tent.  Before we drop off my gear, Scott takes me to a excellent Mexican restaurant where we meet his wife Sally for dinner.  Scott is a rancher and Sally is a nurse practitioner.  It was great.   Got my tent set up and at 8 pm is was clam and clear.  By 9 the wind was blowing real hard and I had lightning all around me.  It is amazing how crazy the weather can be in this country. First Picture is of Gus and Alison.  Second is of Sally and Scott. 

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