Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 177

Sunday  04/22/12  Day 177
My day to follow a world class country preacher.  My host and short term roomie is the pastor for two Methodist Churches.  One in Jetmore and the other in Hanston, Kansas.   He delivers a 8am and 11am service at the Jetmore church and a 9:30 at Hanston.  Not only do I get to follow him through this very hectic day, but he has me do a five minute blurb on what my journey is all about in all three services.  We head back to Hanston that evening for a county wide meeting to stratigize a program to pray individually for every person in Hodgeman County.  Amazing undertaking with wonderful potential.  Sweet lady by the name of Eleanor Jarrett is doing the tremendous task of organizing this exciting undertaking.  These two churches donate enough to the kids to feed, clothe, and educate a little guy for a whole year.  First picture is of Pastor Dennis on the steps of Jetmore Methodist Church. This is a church working very hard to make a difference. For example they are sending 18 people to Haiti in Feburary.  Second picture is a Jetmore sunset.

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