Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 180

Wednesday  04/25/12  Day 180
I survived the high winds last night.  Packed my small back pack and head into town.  I know the library opens at 10, so I stop at Cuppa Joe to have coffee as it is only 9.  Walk in with back pack on and this cool lady with a bandanna on says something along the lines of  "What are you up to?"  with a great smile on her kind looking face.  So I told her and it a very short period of time I have been given a new friend by the name of Connie. There is so much that happened today, if I wrote it all down it would be a very long blog.  I will just write the high lights.... Hung out at Cuppa Joe enjoying great food and company.  Marilyn invites me to stay with her and her husband Bill's home.  Crystal does a nice interview at the paper.  Connie meets me at my tent and hauls all my stuff to Marilyn's.  Dinner with Connie and her mother Rosalie and some other friends and relatives. Rosalie offers me her guest home for as long I want it.  Connie shows be around Ness City, then we join Bill and Marilyn for cards.  What a fun and amazing day. I just left Jetmore where I was totally blessed.  I almost feel guilty because the same thing is happening in Ness City.  Thank  you Lord for letting me meet these people. First picture is of Jackie, Sandy, Connie, & Marilyn at Cuppa Joe.  Second is of Melvin and a typical lunch at this delightful little place. 

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  1. Dave, you are surely meeting some nice people along the way! I think they are lucky to have the opportunity to meet you, as well. I wish the weather was a bit kinder to you, though! Watching your journey from afar ~ Jacque ~ Jetmore


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