Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 41

Tuesday, 12/06/11:                 61 miles  2,843  total

I went back to the same spot I spent hours at the day before, and John, a truck driver for a company that makes platforms for oil rigs, picked me up after only 20 minutes, and gave me a ride to Roby, TX.  It’s amazing the difference another day can make!  I got a corn dog at a gas station and went back on the road to try to get a ride to Anson.  Before I could even put some mustard on my corn dog, Virgil, a pilot car driver, picked me up and gave me a ride me to Anson.  I went to the only RV Park in town and they didn't have a place to put my tent up.  I came across a very cheap motel, so since the wind was blowing again and it was in the 20's, I got a room.  As I was walking to a grocery store I came across The Western Observer Newspaper.  I went in, and was greeted by a gal who I thought was the owner’s teenage daughter.  It turned out that Tiffany is the owner.  She, and her husband, who is in the military and served in Iraq, bought the paper when she was 25, five years ago.  We had a real good time interviewing each other and this little gal, who is 4 1/2 months pregnant with their second child, will get considerable amount of space in book 2.  This young woman has a very interesting story, and I am looking forward to writing about her.

This is a picture of the court house in Anson and of Tiffany.  It is pretty easy to see that they are very patriotic.

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