Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 36

Thursday, 12/01/11:               63 miles  2,779 total

I only had to wait about 20 minutes in the same spot I tried for four hours the day before, when Eddy, who is from Mission, TX, stopped and I got my first ride in a big rig.  Eddy owns his own truck, was headed for Abilene, and dropped me off on the outskirts of Snyder.  We had a really good ride, as he is pumped about sharing the Good News, and he gave me his # if I ever need anything.  As I walked into town, I saw a hardware store, Snyder Lumber Co., so I stopped by.  The rubber had come off of one of my cart wheels and it was kind of hard to pull, so I thought I would try fixing it.  With a lot of help from some employees we got both wheels replaced and it's amazing how much easier it pulls.  I went to pay for everything and Manuel, the store manager, wouldn't let me.  Everyone in that store was so nice to me and I really appreciate their help!  I saw a First Baptist Church, so decided to ask for help in finding a RV park to set up the tent.  After talking to RV parks, and the police, I ended up with a free room for the night from the ministerial association.  RV parks did not have tent spaces and the police would not allow me set up any other place, legally.  I had lunch in a very cool deli called Big Apple Deli.  Bill, the owner, was very nice guy, and was interested in our journey.  I met Eric DeLeon, an administrator at the local high school, who is a stand up comic and does gigs all over West Texas.  He introduced me to Freddy who teaches ESL and adult GED programs.  Freddy made me take some money for the kids.  My first day in Snyder was pretty awesome.  Between Peter, yesterday, and Freddy today we have enough to send out another $100 to “Make Way Partners.” 

The photo is from the inside of Eddy's truck, halfway between Lemesa and Snyder

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