Wednesday, March 13, 2013

R U Crazy!!! Alaska to South Sudan

If you could go anyplace in world, why would you pick Southern Sudan? 
Stacey and Denver Urlaub have  an easy answer for that question.  They have been supporting three kids at Harvesters for three years and those kids kept inviting them to come all the way From Alaska to the other side of the world.  So they ask God and they felt very comfortable that He wanted them to go, so they did.  They spent a month here and God use them a very good way.  They spoke and taught and built things.  But I think they would say that building relationships with the kids was the most important thing that happened.  I only got to be around Stacey and Denver for a few days, but it was long enough to know they are very kind and generous people and the kids here really enjoyed them being here. 
If you ever thought of really stepping out on a limb a little bit and maybe coming to a place like Harvesters, Denver and Stacy allowed me to post their email in case you might have some questions about their vacation that turned into a mission trip they will never forget.    drop them a line or two....

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