Sunday, March 24, 2013

Looking Good

There are anywhere from 157 and 165 kids that live here full time.  Because of that I get to see these kids everyday.  I don't know them all yet, but I do have some that I have grown quite fond of and this little girl is one of them.  Her name is Adrielle and she is the daughter of Josephine, who is the orphanage supervisor.  Josephine has also become a good friend and we are scheduled to do an video interview tomorrow.  Adrielle thinks that pulling on my beard is great fun. 

I have been trying to blog for three days.  Service is real spotty here.  Blessings to everone....


  1. Just look at that smile and the sparkle in her eyes!! That's amazing Dave! I can see why you've grown so fond of her. From the look in her eyes, it's a mutual thing. Thanks for sharing your trip experiences with us. What a blessing!!

  2. Hi, so good to come back from a wonderful womens retreat, and see these beautiful children on your blogs. !! Cant help but smile seeing their adorable faces.Linda from salem:)


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