Friday, March 15, 2013

It's All Florences Fault!!

I just knew that when I came to Sothern Sudan I would get away from junk food, midnight snacks, and raiding the refer when ever I wanted to kind of stuff.  And I did.  I am eating good meals and almost zero snacking.  So why I am still a chunko?  One word... Florence...  she cooks to good.

Florence Nabaziwa is a 26 year Ugandan.  She was born in Kampala, Uganda and still calls that home.  Florence is the head cook for most of the staff and all the missionaries who come tramping through here.  She has a certificate of education and a certificate in catering.  She told me that she loves serving God here, but really misses her four year old son Jerico and her family who are back in Kampala. Like in most parts of the world, many people have to go to where they can get work.

I get to see Florence everyday because I can't seem to stay away from the mess hall.  She always has a warm smile and a hello for me and she is a kick to be around.  Thanks Florence for keeping me  round and robust.

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