Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kitty From North Carolina

A long time ago someone asked me who my heroes were.  What came to mind then as it does now are two groups of people.  Social workers who have a huge case load and missionaries.  I must say not all missionaries fit into my hero level, but the six who live and work at Harvesters do. 
Kathryn Moyer, AKA Kitty.  Born 50 years ago in Hillsdale, Michigan and has worked at Duke University for the last 20 years.  Kitty has always been single and ever since she was six years old knew she wanted to help people and hopefully someday be a missionary.  She has a masters in nursing health ministries as well as a masters in church ministries.  She is also trained as a pediatrics nurse which fits so well here.  Kitty came to Harvesters to serve at His House of Hope Hospital in November of 2012.  In 2005 she took a years sabbatical and help start a clinic in Kenya.  Kitty is a perfect example of someone willing to dedicate their life to helping someone in need.  She has such an interesting story, I wish I could put it all in this blog.  Thank you God for sending Kitty to Harvesters.

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