Saturday, March 30, 2013

OK.. What is a Tukul

A little over 100 yards from where I lay my head every night is this structure.  I might be proned to call it a hut.  The word for it in this part of the world is a Tukul.  The people who live in it call it there home.  Anyway you want to call it, it is very interesting to this Westerner.
Today, Mama Lillie and Sue & Ben from Arizona arrived.  Mama Lillie along with her husband Dennis founded Harvesters Reaching The Nations 12 years ago and Sue is one of the board members. The people that were already here are fascinating and now I have three more adventurers whose stories I can explore. 
Oh yeah.... they killed a black mamba in one of the kids latrines last night.  That would cause you to think twice about going to the bathroom late at night without a flashlight wouldn't it?    LOOK OUT THERE GIRLS.... WATCH YOUR BACKSIDE!!!!  Why does that seem so funny to me?

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  1. I love to hear what is going on day to day...keep up the good work.
    Bless you Susanne


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