Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shooting for the 22nd

I ended up going with two printers for the book for some boring reasons.  Today I ordered final proof from one and first proof from the other. Should have both back in less than a week.  After I approve the first one I am ordering books and should have them approximately 10-20-11.  I say all of that to just to say I can't wait till they get here and then I am hitting the road.  Headed south for a few hundred miles then east through the Sierras.  Hope to be in Bishop, Ca. by 10-29 and through Death Valley by the first week of Nov. If you have anyone you would like me say hi to on the way, e-mail me at walking4kids  at  Thanks for reading this.  Dave


  1. Your day for departure is getting closer, and I know you're antsy to hit the road! Remember that God's in control and He has been looking out for you from day one. His timing is best; trust that! Hang onto your hat, you're about to begin an adventure of a lifetime my friend. I'm so excited for you!! My prayers are with you...

  2. I guess it's ok if I get excited right along with you....


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