Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 2

Friday, 10/1/2011:  I left my very pleasant beach front property and head south with my new friend....  a little red bike trailer.  The first three miles was all up hill.  I just knew that around the next bend the road would start going downhill or at least be level.  It seems like that first three miles was going to take forever.  I walked another 3 or 4 miles, most of which was downhill, and by this time the knees and my feet were talking to me, so I decided to put the thumb out.  After about forty minutes, a big, burly guy by the name of Bart offered me a ride to within a couple of miles of Brookings, where I had a appointment with a reporter from The Pilot newspaper.  Instead of dropping me off at his turnoff, he took me to the front door of The Pilot.  When he was helping me unload the little bike trailer, it shifted on us and he ended up putting a nice little gash in his hand and broke his watch.  I felt really bad about that, but it didn't bother him any.  Had a nice interview with Lorna and when I asked her if she could point me toward a place to camp, and maybe a place to grab a bite, she said she was new to the area and took me up to ask some other reporters.  Ten minutes later, Jeff lined me up with dinner at Zola's and Steve had me a place to camp at a RV park right on the beach, with hot showers and the everything.  To top it off, Steve drove me down to the RV Park and the restaurant.  Before he would let me leave he gave me the last $11 he had in his wallet and then went back to his office to write a story.  It is almost 6 PM on a Friday night and these wonderful people are going to all of this trouble for me.  God is so good for putting all of these great folks in my path.  I will hopefully catch up with day 3 and 4 tomorrow, as on day 5 I head east.  God bless all of you.  28 miles  151 total

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