Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All the makings of a very good week.

Sunday I got to spend some incredible time with some very special people from my church.  They gave me an amazing send off.  Monday did an interview with local paper and besides doing a story the owner has asked me to do a weekly column while I am on the road.  Tuesday got to have lunch with two very special co-workers.  Did an interview with Coos Bay paper (The World) for a story that will probably come out Wed. Had dinner with a wonderful family that have been so kind to me it hurts sometimes. With a lot of help the book is now available on this web site.  Wednesday I will finish packing my way to heavy  backpack and clean up my soon to be former home.  Thursday I will take my first physical steps on a journey that I pray will be most amazing.  The next blog will be from somewhere on the Oregon Coast.  You are great for reading this. 


  1. I know God will Bless you as you begin your long-awaited journey my friend! The family will be praying every day for your safety and for God to give you many opportunities to share your what's in your heart. God speed...

  2. Got a verse for you: Genesis 13:17 "Arise, walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you."

    Pastor Dave

  3. Hello Dad,
    Janet and I will be following your progress online throughout your trip. You will be in our prayers, and may the Lord guide and protect you along your way.

    Love Chris and Janet

  4. Hi Dave,
    You are in our prayers...as I looked at the rain today I kept thinking about you out in the weather...I asked that God would keep you warm and dry....We will feel your absence tomorrow...Your church family will be missing you but in the spirit we are right there with you...Pastor Dee


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