Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sunday I had the honor and pleasure of speaking at my churches Sunday morning service.  I would be very pleased if those present were a tenth as blesseed as I was.  God lead me to a very Godly bunch of encouragers.  I didn't know how much I needed them.  These people have taken me under their wing and I am so glad.  To think I was going to go out there without them behind me is crazy.   Thank you Mrytle Point Fousquare!!!!  Thank you Pastor Dave Robinson for all you have done for me and what ever God has planned for our future.  If  any of you get a chance, check out Light Snow Falling by Pastor Dave.  Goggle it and you will find it free.  Be strong and be kind, Dave 


  1. Good job on your beginning of your journey, many wonderful days ahead..Keep your head up and heart strong.


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