Friday, September 2, 2011

Being Encouraged

Yesterday I had one of those glorious points in time that was amazing.  I was doing some back-hoe work in a forested area that is nothing short of beautiful.  At lunch time I was leaning against a tree stump, enjoying a delightful p&j sandwich, reading my kindle and totally enjoying the wonderful nature I was in.  I decided to see if I had cell reception and I did to my surprise.  I had a email from Ed Lewis  telling me that he had finished preparing my book for e publication.  I couldn't believe it.   I was going to have a book published.  A old hay seed from Idaho, go figure.  Today is Friday which I normally have off, but I have to work.  It is 3 in the morning and I can't sleep so I decided to come to work early and use the Internet and share my moment and thank a few people for getting me this far.  If I am going to do my little journey across America I better start blogging.  I often get lonely and down on myself.  Focusing on the negative instead of the positive.  This morning all I could think of was how wonderful God is and how blessed I am to have this small group of outstanding friends that keep me going.  I just want to briefly mention these people:  Marilou for believing in me and for all of the help she has given me.  Ed and Gail Lewis for their kindness and helping me finish the deal. Pidd, Lura, and Pat from work.  These are truly kind people and Pat has to be one of the best bosses to ever walk down the pike. Kathy and her husband Steve for adopting me and giving me tons of encouragement every Sunday morning.  Pastor Dave and everyone else at Mrytle Point Four Square.  My kids for always being there for me.  Brianne and Chelsea for cheering me on for years.  Valerie from Sprint for showing me that total strangers can do amazingly kind things for others. Laura who sent me a comment on my blog that makes it all worth while.  You are all great people and I am so lucky to know you.  I pray for you daily.  Dave


  1. Hi Dad
    Don't get discouraged or ever feel like you're alone out on this extraordinary journey you're about to conquor. You have all your friends and family and most importantly GOD in your corner. Keep up the good bloggs, I like to follow your progress. Love Chris

  2. get it right goofy...

  3. ok lets try this again

  4. Best if luck on your journey.
    We will be watching for your blogs.

    Shirley from AZ.

  5. Our sewing group, Stitch'n Sisters, are sewing up dresses for girls in an orphanage in Africa that Debbie McGeorge is in contact with. Debbie told us about your mission & your web page. The picnic at McGeorge's was so nice, but I didn't get to meet you. May the Lord bless you with safety & great success on your trip across our beautiful country. I will be reading your blogs.

  6. Dave, I loved talking to you the other day at work. Just wanted to thank you for your inspirations and reminding me that I can do anything that I want!..including following my dreams. Good luck on your wonderful journey I wish you well!, and will help get the word out. You are a wonderful person doing amazing feet's..LOL. If you need a place to stay or eat's let me know when you are along the coast or in Cali.

  7. OK this is my third attempt...I think I have to post Anonymous. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you Dave for the great talk at work...You have given me inspiration to write and follow my dreams. I'm telling your story to employees at work. I hope they hey your journey too. Congrats on your retirement. If you need help or someone to talk to let me know. Plus I have family in calie if you may need a place to stay. Take care and please be safe.


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