Monday, February 25, 2013

I talked to an old friend yesterday and she chewed me out for not keeping up on my blog.  So, here is an update on the walking4kids journey.  I have spent the last few months in Kansas and Texas doing a little speaking, working for a small cattle outfit and doing some writing.  But most of the time I was hanging out with some really nice and fun people.
First pic is of my very best bud, Noah, and a house guest by the name of Enoch.  Enoch is from Guienna and I really enjoyed getting to know him.  Secound is of Sam and Malinda from Dublin, Texas.  Malinda is like a daughter to me. Second is of  the famous Allen Arena in Lawarnce, Kansas.  A very dear friend (Connie) and her family took me to my first ever college bb game.  The last pic is of a very dear lady by the Verna who came to the last place I got to speak at.  She is 99 years old and along with all of the other ladies there, she was very kind and a real kick to be around.
Please pray for me while I am in Africa and I hope to hear from those of you who take the time to read this.
Two days from now I will be getting on a plane and headed for the Southern Sudan.  Will be there two months working with an orphanage.  I am really excited about going there and hopefully will be able to blog from there. 


  1. Dave, may the Lord continue to bless you as you travel and share your heart (and His) with the lives He allows you to touch. I cannot wait to read about your trip to Southern Sudan and working at the orphanage!! Blessings...

  2. Did not get to see you Dave before you left but am anxiously awaiting news of your trip to the Sudan.
    What in the world are those shoes doing on the table behind you & Verna in the last picture?
    Best of luck & blessings to you.


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