Friday, July 5, 2013

Beauty and Some Beasts

This past Sunday was good and bad.  It was bad because I was so busy I couldn't go to church.  It was good because I got to meet some more cool travelers.  The first picture is of my friend Sam and his human, Natalie.  Sam and his family have been staying here for a week or so and I have got to know them a little.  Nice folks and Natalie and her husband Tim might be interested in serving in Southern Sudan.  That would be so cool.  I posted the picture of the bikers because they are mean, rough, and ugly and a direct contrast to Sam and Natalie.  Two of these guys are from the lower 48 and the other from Denmark.  They just met a few day ago and now they are traveling together.  The guy on the right rode his 650 BMW all the way to Prudhoe Bay.  Hope you all had a nice Forth. 
Blessings from Alaska,

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